Six Bunnies – loving jacket True Love – pink and blue with print

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  • supercool jackets
  • tough designs
  • original & unique
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For cooler moments in the pre- and post-season and cool summer evenings

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Six Bunnies – loving jacket True Love – pink and blue with print

Loving jacket from the clothing brand Six Bunnies in pink and blue with tough and sweet True Love print.
These cool jackets are specially selected for the coolest kids who want to stay warm while rocking.
Six Bunnies’ bomber jackets are tough and made of polyester. The prints are made with non-toxic ink.
To finish it they have a good sturdy zipper and are equipped with cool Six Bunnies batches.
For the cooler moments in the pre- and post-season and cool summer evenings, these bomber jackets are perfect!

Have you seen the Catsand Tattoo Shoppe jackets? Rock on!
Combine this cool jacket with a Zebra backpack to complete it!

  • 100% Polyester

About Six Bunnies

Six Bunnies is a clothing brand that makes your kids go through life as tough as you do!
This tough brand guarantees excellent quality, the garments are colourful
and are printed with sturdy prints that are all small works of art.

Six Bunnies chooses to use only the best materials.
For example, it is labelled all cotton with the Organic Cotton label.
This means that the cotton is produced sustainably and fairly and we at Rocking Babies think that is of the utmost importance.
Also, in the production process for the awesome prints only environmentally friendly, non toxic ink are used.
In this way, even though we want to walk in cool clothing, we can ensure that the environment does not have to suffer.

The style of Six Bunnies can be described as rock, rockabilly and tattoo parlor.
It is no surprise that Rocking Babies is such a fan of this brand.

Therefore, don’t hesitate, let your baby rock and embrace Six Bunnies like we did. Rock on!

About Rocking Babies

At Rocking Babies we allow everyone to go rocking through life and we like to contribute to that!
No matter how nice and small you are; We think that you too as a child can do this.
Based on a penchant for rock, rock ‘n’ roll and tattoo shop style, we sell baby and children’s clothing in these genres.
We run exclusive brands and stand for excellent quality and offer you top service.
Of course, our highest goalis to have the coolest clothes available for you!